Bondage Beds

 A marmalade light spreads across the white of my bedroom walls.  It's 6am and my eyes are blinking open.  The bed feels empty, unusually big. Dunes of pillow and twisted duvet reveal that I am alone and a sudden fear wakens me.  Then I remember, he's under the bed, sleeping quietly in his cage... 

This past winter, Corey of Metalbound, constructed a bondage bed and cage of my design.  From quick glance, it does not look like a piece of dungeon equipment.  The lines of the four poster, canopy style bed are clean, minimalist, sans obvious D rings or hooks.  The headboard is made of three rectangles overlapping, like a part of the Chinese Eternity Knot.  The foot board is lined with slim bars, all below the mattress line. It seems like a furniture piece that could be bought from any modern interior design gallery, but the construction is steady enough to hold full suspension (rope, chains, fuck slings, etc) and the tie down points, though subtle to the eye, are multiple enough to provide endless variations of bondage fun.

Meat's favorite component, of course, is the under-cage.  The heavy, metal cage slides on recessed wheels from under the bed.  Slim bars on all sides provide plenty of space for my hands to invade.  The top consists of two doors that open coffin-style so that he climbs in from above.  There is a padded leather board for comfort at the bottom, though it can be removed to provide a harder surface for those days when being in the cage shouldn't be so cushy.  The heavy, padded board can also be positioned on top of the cage so that the structure easily transforms into a bondage table.  

I looove my bed.  But I also want to share another company that I found online, Boltz,  that makes reliably well-made steel furniture--bondage ready and modern chic.  I've ordered other steel furniture from them and the quality is very good.

Springtime in NYC

* I am taking advantage of the cool sunshine to walk around the neighborhood for lunchtime specials.  I'm always craving fresh, authentic Asian food and really good Chinese is hard to find-- much of it is heavy on the sauces and oils, so I've been veering into Japanese joints.  My latest favorites:
Restaurant Seo, Kyo ya, and Takesushi.

* I've attended a few great operas this past season (Thanks, T.T.!) but after (patiently) enjoying Renee Flemming's excellent performance in the four hour long Armida, I am taking a break from heady arias and settling into a transfixed obsession with the Joan character of Mad Men. (I'm still watching Season 2).

* I may not mention my beloved bitch for a while, my bicycle, that is, but there is a great bike show opening at the Museum of Arts and Design soon.  As you know, custom, steel frames make me swoon.


April 25th--Instigate Class


The Lovers

This time, she said softly, I want him to feel my pain.

I bound the boy down, his tattoo'd biceps straining against black hemp rope.  The ink menagerie rippled as if his muscles were a pen of animals in netted captivity.  The petite girl climbed on top, over his body, grabbing his cock and sinking her mouth on it for a long up and down tease, moistening the head with a flood of spit.  She crouched upright and sank her pussy down, wiggling with a smile.  I bound her arms behind her and she arched back to lean her hands between the spread of his legs, delighted to grasp a lasso to which I had tethered his balls.  They were a picture of karma sutra.

I slid needles into the skin of her bright breasts.  She breathed heavy and closed her eyes, squirming at every needle, pushing in and out of the skin.  One. Two. Three. Twenty needles in compass of her red nipples.  Those I left for last.  Push in, her eyes open, Out her mouth opens.  Push in, She groans, out, her body shudders and begins riding, up, down. Open.

(no subject)

As the winter settles in, shades of grey with patches of white over the cityscape, I reach for comfort. The down duvet, the thick, wooly socks, the tales of Willa Cather, hot milk with honey, and the feel of a heavy, deer skin flogger...

We entered the Pit, both dressed in leathers. Moan waited in first position, waited for my fingertips to lightly trail down the spine to awaken the body from waiting. Quickly I tied the leather hood tightly to his face. V strapped on leather mitts and ankle shackles. We led him to the suspension bar and locked his wrists, a holiday tune swirling with merriment above our heads. The pound of the flogger is an amazing sensation for both the top and bottom who love it. The steady rhythem of the beat against the skin and the flow of wind from the dancing movement invokes a primal dance, a guttural breath. Standing with feet firm on the ground, every hurt spreads into a building of the will, rather than the breaking of it. The body holds memory. When the back is pounded, the space behind the heart and lungs, that which we push to the back of our conscious is released--the life we hide behind our hearts and breath. That which is released escapes with a beautiful moan.

January 23rd: a basics and novice class taught by Tyutumi, assisted by V.
This is a great gift to give your lover or rope curious friend!!  For more information, see ROPESHARE

**Thank you to all of those who sent anonymous gifts from JT's Stockroom.  There were many parcels without cards, so I hope that my gratitude reaches the generous, secret fairies who sent thumbcuffs, clamps, and hood!

**Thank you, T.T., for the magic of the Nutcracker.  All naughty puns aside, it truly brought me back to childhood wonderment of the season.

**Other wonderful works of the season:  

A Street Car Named Desire
at BAM, starring Cate Blanchett and Robin McLeavy.  They truly evoked the Southern Gothic of T. William's words.

Paul Badura-Skoda, pianist at Carnegie Hall.  Works of Haydn, Beethoven, Takac's, and my favorite, Brahms' Sonata in F minor, Op. 5

Head Cage

I recently received a gift of a unique, metal head cage. Flat straps of darkened steel wrap the victim's face, but are wide enough for use of eyes, nose, orafice...It's beautiful in a way that makes my toes curl. It sits on my desk now as I write and I can't help but also think: this is the ultimate metaphor for the domination/submission role engagement. As serious players, we seek those who are able to lock us in our head cage, those who let us roam freely in a part of our persona that we need/want to dwell in, whether it be Top, Domina, Seductress, Governess, Teacher, Nurturing Guide or Bottom, Slave, Victim, Slut, Adoring Pet. Whatever it is we seek in ourselves, it is the Other who helps us realize the depths of that psyche. As fun and sexy and meaningful as the head cage is, the most important part of the connection is the reality that happens when the cage comes off--the care, the conversation, the negotiation prior to each and every extreme scene.

Snaps and Smirks

**  "The Two Blondes In My Life"
A conversation with my friend, Axe, on his program, Masocast.

**Just back from the U.K., where I spent a delightful time with the Masochistic Chef at Marcus Wareing's restaurant at The Berkeley.
Memorable flashback: "Do you want the Sadist or the Super Sadist?" I grinned, offering the masochist a rhetorical menu.  "Well..." he replied, "I'm certainly curious about your limits."  "MY limits?" I exclaimed and with that, I nailed surgical staples over the cane marks on his bottom, sealed his scrotum so it stretched over his groin, and then plugged five staples into each of his feet, so that he would be sure to feel the bites when he sat, pissed, and walked throughout the night...

**also danced a candle lit eve with my beloved Richard in Blenheim Palace, where Churchill was born, and had a conversation with his 90 year old grandmother about my S&M profession, which she declared is "absolutely superb"!  She wants a tour of the Dojo!

** Domina Darla on Serious Bondage!!

**heading out to Seattle next week for mischievous fun with a whole crew of perverted, sexy whizzes.