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Husband, Slave..same thing

Training Zurich.
I enjoy working with couples, teaching, co-topping, guiding partners along their adventures in the erotic arts of BDSM.  One of my favorite dynamics is when a wife sends her husband to be trained by me.  I then shed the title "Domina" and take on "Trainer."  As my hands grapple around a submissive's neck and thrust them down to the floor to be taught the four positions, my joy is intensified in knowing that the discipline I enforce will be enjoyed later by another Domina, his wife.

Slave Zurich, a rubber and bondage enthusiast, was sent to me by his dazzling wife, Connie (a CEO of her own company):
"My slave/husband is a serial entrepreneur and continuously travels to the States and back to Europe where we reside. A hectic schedule like that does not make for good eating habits and my slave is overweight. I decided to put an end to it and enlisted the help of my dear friend Mistress Yin to accomplish that. We have devised a plan and schedule for my slave to adhere to and regular visits with his trainer Yin to ensure he meets my goals. So far so good! I believe with her emphasis on health and his improving his service to his mistress I'll be a double winner a) a slimmer slave b) a better slaveboy."

Thus, we created a syllabus.  One session per month, Zurich would get weighed in.  If he had lost five pounds since the previous month's weigh in, he would be allowed orgasm in our session.  Otherwise, a chastity cage would be locked on and he would be sent away in denial.  Each session would introduce a "useful" task, such as learning the proper way to massage tired feet, how to properly clean a toilet, how to behave on a submissive outing.  The slave would still enjoy his S&M interests, but with goals attached for his Domina-wife's gain. 

Slave Zurich's report:
"My Wife/Domina let me know this week that she expects me to lose 30
pounds over six months. "Don't worry", she said "I hired a trainer to
help you.". In my mind I immediately imagined a personal trainer, gym
and all the things that go with that.

Her next line took me of balance. "You know Mistress Yin will be your
trainer and ensure through her methods that I get my will" I can't
really describe what I felt at that moment, excited yet worried as to
how this will play out.

As soon as I entered her Dojo she made me turn to a corner, get
unclothed and put a hood on my head. I did not even get chance to
catch a glimpse of her beauty. I was then led in heavy chain to learn
the four basic positions of a slave.
With the use of some heavy strokes with the cane I quickly
learned the positions and was warned to rehearse them.

After that it was weigh in time. "At this time you weigh 218.5 lbs. I
expect to see you in two weeks weighing three pounds less. And do not
forget to bring your chastity cage and lock box" she advised me.
And then it was over.

On the way home I couldn't help but ponder what
the next six months will bring."

The next meeting, Slave Zurich had dropped to 211.5 lb.
Proof that training works. (More to come).

-The Trainer

**reading:  "Where I'm Likely to Find It"-by Murakami; "The Tale of the Unknown Island"-by Saramago;  "Difficult Loves"-by Italo Calvino (a fave author)
**eating: sauteed spinach with small flecks of roasted garlic, red cabbage doused in balsamic, and white miso soup with New Zealand cockles.
**pending entry on the terrible misfortune that involves the domina, Jade Vixen.  I will not be writing about the incident, as the event itself is none of my business, but I will be writing about how the media is damaging to lives to those of us affiliated with BDSM. The disgusting way the NY Post has portrayed this tragic human event is beyond measure.  But right now, I want to honor the victims of all involved, including surviving loved ones and family, by giving this time of respect and silence.
**I am honored to be a part of DeLano's circle of healing. www.delanobound.com/dbound_free/galleries.htm



Surprising Dynamic

mistress yin

I find it truly amazing that couples can play together so openly and with you. The healthy twist in this scenario makes you almost a health practitioner! I envy you and this couple.

December 2015

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