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As the winter settles in, shades of grey with patches of white over the cityscape, I reach for comfort. The down duvet, the thick, wooly socks, the tales of Willa Cather, hot milk with honey, and the feel of a heavy, deer skin flogger...

We entered the Pit, both dressed in leathers. Moan waited in first position, waited for my fingertips to lightly trail down the spine to awaken the body from waiting. Quickly I tied the leather hood tightly to his face. V strapped on leather mitts and ankle shackles. We led him to the suspension bar and locked his wrists, a holiday tune swirling with merriment above our heads. The pound of the flogger is an amazing sensation for both the top and bottom who love it. The steady rhythem of the beat against the skin and the flow of wind from the dancing movement invokes a primal dance, a guttural breath. Standing with feet firm on the ground, every hurt spreads into a building of the will, rather than the breaking of it. The body holds memory. When the back is pounded, the space behind the heart and lungs, that which we push to the back of our conscious is released--the life we hide behind our hearts and breath. That which is released escapes with a beautiful moan.

January 23rd: a basics and novice class taught by Tyutumi, assisted by V.
This is a great gift to give your lover or rope curious friend!!  For more information, see ROPESHARE

**Thank you to all of those who sent anonymous gifts from JT's Stockroom.  There were many parcels without cards, so I hope that my gratitude reaches the generous, secret fairies who sent thumbcuffs, clamps, and hood!

**Thank you, T.T., for the magic of the Nutcracker.  All naughty puns aside, it truly brought me back to childhood wonderment of the season.

**Other wonderful works of the season:  

A Street Car Named Desire
at BAM, starring Cate Blanchett and Robin McLeavy.  They truly evoked the Southern Gothic of T. William's words.

Paul Badura-Skoda, pianist at Carnegie Hall.  Works of Haydn, Beethoven, Takac's, and my favorite, Brahms' Sonata in F minor, Op. 5


Your entries are always so... literary! And that's a nice thing.. :)

December 2015

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